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Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Dilbert 2.0 Viewer


Dilbert 2.0 Viewer is an unofficial companion to Dilbert 2.0: 20 Years of Dilbert.


Dilbert 2.0 is a very nice coffee table book containing a few thousand Dilbert comic strips along with some history and commentary by author Scott Adams. It goes nicely with my The Complete Far Side and my The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.


Dilbert 2.0 comes with a neat addition: a CD-ROM containing every published Dilbert strip. Each one is a picture file organized and named by date. Viewing them is rather tedious. It's hard to keep track of which one's you've seen.


Dilbert 2.0 Viewer provides an easy and pleasing way to read the Dilbert comic strips on the CD. It even keeps track of which ones you've already read!


This application is not affiliated with Scott Adams, United Feature Syndicate, Andrews McMeel Publishing, or anyone else involved in publishing Dilbert. I got Dilbert 2.0 for Christmas and I wanted a way to view the comic strips on the CD, so I made one.


Note: This application does not contain the Dilbert comics. It does not download the comics from the web. Go buy the book!