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Strategy Guide



Edgewise is a free solitaire card game played with a standard 52 card deck. The object of the game is to deal all of the face cards around the edge of a square playing field. It is an easy game to learn how to play, yet it is difficult to win.





Deal cards one at a time into the playing field. Face cards must be dealt into the places around the edge provided for them. Other cards may be dealt anywhere. Continue dealing until the field is full. Once the field is full then remove and discard cards that add up to 10. Face cards may not be removed. Alternate between filling up the field and then removing cards until all of the face cards have been dealt around the edge.

Dealing cards

Removing cards

Tap an empty place on the field to deal a card there.

Tap cards to mark them. When they add up to 10 they'll be removed.

There are two ways to lose the game. One way is for a face card to turn up without an open place for it on the field. The other way is for the field to be full without any combinations of cards adding up to 10. With no way to remove cards the game ends.

You lost

You lost again

There is one way to win the game. Deal all 12 face cards around the edge of the field.

If all 12 face cards have been dealt and there are no other cards on the field, that's called a perfect game.





Edgewise 2.0 introduces Mason the all seeing eye. Mason can see into the future and he knows when some potentially troublesome situations are about to arise. He sleeps most of the time but he will wake up to warn players when the next move might be a loser.

Sleeping Mason


Tap on Mason when he's awake and he will offer to help by pointing out safe moves. Mason is never wrong and accepting his advice comes at a price. Edgewise starts with 25 saves. Accepting help from Mason costs 1 save. Mason is kind, however, and he will add 3 saves to the bank every time a player wins a game. Mason is very fond of perfect games so he will award 12 saves for each one a player achieves.


If a player runs out of saves Edgewise supports in-app purchases to buy more of them. $0.99 will buy 25 saves and $1.99 will buy 75.


Tap on Mason while he's sleeping to buy saves.





Edgewise settings control the appearance and behavior of the game. Most of them are simply a matter of taste. Some of them increase or decrease the level of difficulty and so experts may wish to set them differently than a novice might.

Tap on Settings

Make Sounds

The sound effects are kind of cool. This setting is on by default.

Automatic Dealing

When a card's destination is inevitable Edgewise will deal by itself. For example, if there is only one open place Edgewise will go ahead and deal the card. This setting offers no strategic advantage. It just makes the game go faster. This setting is off by default.

Show Score

Edgewise keeps track of wins and losses. Some players may want to play and not see the score. This setting is on by default.

Show Card Count

Good Edgewise strategies change during the game depending on how many cards are left in the deck. Knowing the card count helps players know when to shift gears. This setting is off by default.

Fancy Face Cards

Giving the face cards a special appearance helps players to see where they are when deciding which cards to remove. This setting is on by default.

Second Chances

Mason is new for Edgewise 2.0. Some traditionalist players may choose not to take advantage of Mason's advice. This setting is on by default.