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Track It


Track It helps keep track of shipped packages. It's pretty simple minded and has very few features.


Greg made it one Christmas season when he had, at one point, seventeen different packages in transit to or from the mainland. He grew tired of groveling through his emails looking for links to shipping web sites and tracking numbers and such to check on the progress of his packages.



There are websites that provide this functionality. They are often free for individuals to use. Most of them support many more shipping companies than Track It does. Greg chose not to list all of the things coming to his house on a web site run by God-knows-who.


Here's what Track It looks like:

Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Click the + button to add a package. Enter the relevant information in the fields below.


Click the - button to delete a package.


Click the Track button to open a tracking page in a web browser.


That's pretty much it. Simple minded, very few features, and a nice little time saver.


But since Greg can't leave well enough alone he's considering adding the ability to add new shippers and also a way to keep a record of all packages ever entered.